Tulare-Kings CCPT Pathways Work Featured in “Two Years into CCPT: Many Challenges & Great Promise” by Milbrey McLaughlin, Valerie Lundy-Wagner, & Barry Groves

Tulare-Kings California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) work is featured in Jobs for the Future's report "Two Years into CCPT: Many Challenges & Great Promise" by Milbrey McLaughlin, Valerie Lundy-Wagner, & Barry Groves.

A spotlight on"Promising Practice: INNOVATE Tulare-Kings" appears on page 27 in the full report.

"Some consortia are working to develop tools that can assess students’ pathway experiences within and after high school. For instance, Tulare-Kings consortia partners are using data tools that cross systems to assess overall supports for pathways. The data lead explained, “We haven’t collected any data on college students, but we have collected data on K-12 students that have participated in work-based learning opportunities.” The Tulare County Office of Education likewise uses student-level data to look across pathways in the region. A respondent from the Tulare-Kings data community of practice said: “We try to find out how successful our pathways are. That’s a little bit different than asking ‘how are my students doing?’ We actually are looking at ‘how are our systems doing?’”

From the Executive Summary:

"This report focuses on year 2 of CCPT implementation and three central implementation tasks: changing mindsets about CTE, establishing communication among all stakeholders, and building regional infrastructure. Jobs for the Future conducted the research, which included interviewing participants at multiple levels in K-12, higher education, and in workforce development or industry both by phone and in person; attending local and state-level CCPT meetings and convenings; and visiting three $15M consortia grantees. Researchers found similarities across the sites and participants: widespread support for the goals of CCPT coupled with common implementation challenges, which inform the seven key findings listed that follow."


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