The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways Approach: Developing Criteria and Metrics for Quality Career Pathways

Alliance for

“The Alliance for Quality Career Pathways is a two-year, state-driven, CLASP-led effort to identify criteria that define high quality career pathway systems and a set of shared performance metrics for measuring and managing their success. ”

“The shared framework developed by the Alliance for Quality Career Pathways is intended to provide a common understanding of what high-quality career pathways look like, regardless of the targeted industry, occupation, or credentials; the focus population; or the design of the career pathway. The framework will include:

• Criteria that define high-quality career pathway systems and programs;

• Quality indicators that signal how well the career pathway systems and programs are functioning to support the achievement of desired participant outcomes;

• Interim participant outcome metrics that signal progress toward achieving desired longer-term outcomes; and

• Shared performance metrics across education, training, employment, and other public, private, and philanthropic systems involved in the career pathway.”

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