Teacher Preparation

Internship Effective Practice

Project Purpose: To provide practical and verifiable workplace learning by developing practicum, field experience and work experiences that provide both college credit and structure for the placement of future teachers in a variety of classrooms and related settings.
Organizing Entity: Visalia Chamber of Commerce
Hours: 60+ hours per semester
Compensation: Paid
Number of Students: Varies
Industry/Occupation: Education, Child Development, and Family Services
Location: Lemoore, CA
Project Timeline: Each semester
Internship Type: Teacher Preparation, Work Experience, Industry-Driven Project
Industry and/or Support Partners: K-12 School Districts, WHCL Programs, such as: Life After School (after school program), 5C Experience (summer program for 6 - 8), and SOAR (summer program for 9 - 12)
Key Components: Community college students serve as paid supplemental instruction leaders, tutors, and mentors in a variety of educational settings to develop their interest and experience in teaching in the elementary, STEM, and CTE fields.
3 Year Goal: 
Additional Info: http://www.westhillscollege.com/lemoore/students/student_programs/team_teach/index.asp
Contact: Giselle Simon, West Hills College Lemoore, gisellesimon@whccd.edu







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