Return on Investment

Demonstrating a return on investment is a feature of collective impact and is essential to the scaling and growth planning of ITK.
ITK's collective impact strategy is aimed at ensuring, as a region, that high-quality work-based learning opportunities are available for our students.
We know it is crucial to measure and communicate the outcomes of this initiative - on a program level and on a system level. 
Currently, we are developing shared measurement strategies to create uniform ways of measuring progress toward our common goals.  
Examples of this work:
  • Work-Based Learning Data Capture:  Includes common definitions of WBL opportunities and reports include type of WBL, numbers of students, number of business partners, as well as monetary value associated with time spent. 
  • 1:1 Data Stories:  Includes student interviews/reflections about their WBL experiences and uses data such as attendance, behavior, GPA and other indicators to demonstrate a shift in engagement, hopefulness and a plan upon completion of high school. 
  • Employer/Business Reflection:  Includes two or three post internship reflection statements and evaluation of student's effort within the  opportunity provided.  
To learn more about Collective Impact or Data and Evaluation, contact Jayne O'Brien at

What is Collective Impact?

Collective impact is the commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a complex social problem.


Sample Reports: