COS Metal Fabricator Internship

Internship Effective Practice

Project Purpose: To provide students on-the-job training, providing them the opportunity to gain work based skills in a practical real world setting.
Organizing Entity: College of the Sequoias
Hours: 8 hours per week for an entire semester
Compensation: Paid
Number of Students: Varies
Industry/Occupation: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Manufacturing and Product Development
Location: Tulare County
Project Timeline: Every semester 
Funding/Sponsors: US Farm Systems
Internship Type: On-the-job training
Industry and/or Support Partners: College of the Sequoias
Challenges: Scaling up this process with other employers, increasing institutional support and awarding college credit for work place learning. 
Key Components: Direct feedback from employer regarding student needs, student training based on employer feedback. Students earn while they learn; its a paid program. This program is critical in employer and educational partnership building.
3 Year Goal: Increase the employer engagement and student participation
Contact: Randy Emery, College of the Sequoias,  688-3180,







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