Linked Learning

Linked Learning is a proven approach to education that combines college-focused academics, work-based learning and integrated student supports. By centering high school around industry themes, it makes learning relevant. Research shows that compared with their peers, students in certified Linked Learning pathways earn more credits in the first three years of high school, report greater confidence in their life and career skills and say they are experiencing more rigorous, integrated and relevant instruction.
Each Linked Learning pathway is grounded in a set of four guiding principles:
  1. Rigorous academics that prepare students for success in California’s community colleges and universities, as well as in apprenticeships and other postsecondary programs.
  2. Career-based learning in the classroom that delivers concrete knowledge and skills through a cluster of three or more courses, emphasizing the practical application of academic learning and preparing students for high-skill, high-wage employment.
  3. Work-based learning in real-world workplaces via job shadowing, apprenticeships, internships, and professional skill-building opportunities.
  4. Personalized support services that include counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and math to help students master the rigorous academic and professional skills necessary for success in college and career.

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