Student Internships

What is a student internship?

A student internship is when a student is offered a long term career development opportunity with a business.  Interns learn new skills, apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, develop employability behaviors that better prepare them for the workplace, and gain insight that will help them make more informed career choices.   Student internships vary in length but are typically between 45 and 90 hours in length.

What are the goals of a student internship?

Each internship will provide a unique experience.  Goals of a student internship include:
• Students will learn about the business
• Students will learn new skills that will assist them in future career choices
• Show a link between basic classroom skills, including “core coursework” (literacy, math, science, social studies) and “soft skills” (work ethic, punctuality, effective communication, initiative, etc.) to success in the workplace
• Provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and gain insight into possible career choices as well as receive constructive feedback of the internship role.
• Provide an opportunity for students to establish themselves professionally.
• Create connections for students and businesses.

What does a good student internship look like?

A good student internship is educational in both tactical and soft skills, engaging, and provides the student with more information to career decisions.  Internships should provide students with an understanding of the inner office workings including multiple departments and areas of the business.

How do I offer a student internship?

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