Gilbert Bareng awarded NAF Advisory Board Champion Award!

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July 21, 2015

Vice President and Principal Architect of Mangini Associates, Inc., Gilbert Bareng, was recognized by NAF (formerly known as the National Academy Foundation) for his champion-level participation on NAF academy advisory boards. Gilbert is also the Chair of the Innovate Tulare-Kings Leadership Council. He has created a regional work-based learning project called INTERNNECT, an internship process geared towards expanding opportunities for students by establishing virtual internships that ensure a student’s residency is not an obstacle in accessing opportunities.

In response to this honor, Gilbert shared the following with us:

“In receiving my National Advisory Board Champion Award at the NAF NEXT 2015 Conference in Anaheim, I had the tremendous honor to represent the intensive and highly collaborative work of Tulare and Kings counties.  It was such a humbling experience to share that rural areas of limited resources can make such a big impact on the mission of providing the skills our students need to compete in a 21st century workforce culture.  We are national examples to students, school districts, and business partners… with extreme joy, we can proudly say, “This is possible.”

During my attendance, I was reminded by a motivational keynote speaker, Randal Pinkett, of his powerful entrepreneurial words in which success does not exist.

Success does not exist.

In contrast, success is defined by the continuous drive of diminishing failure.  The fact is if we don’t try, we’ll never succeed.

In receipt of this national recognition, I pay tribute to a community of my central valley roots and a culture of hard workers instilled with passion and dedication.  As a former student of our school districts, without your love for what you do, I could not be me.  I am deeply honored to provide a quality service to our community by paying it forward and continue to inspire many more advisory board champions.  We got this!

Warmest Regards,

Gilbert Bareng”

Congratulations Gilbert!

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