Who are ITK Champions?

ITK Champions are professionals in Tulare-Kings dedicated to creating a regional approach to ensure our region's young people are prepared for college and career. They also...


Meet ITK Champions

Meet Nancy Lockwood

“Seeing through my rose-colored glasses, I see a future in which businesses bringing in interns, offering tours and job shadowing is the norm – an everyday part of being in business. In which high school interns return to that business and secure a summer job. In which students graduate high school prepared to go to […]

Meet Colby Wells

“I was born and raised in the Valley and I want to do my part to make this region successful and prosperous.  When the business community works with education we can help grow students that want to stay in the area and make a difference.” What’s the most common response we hear when we ask […]

Meet Jeffery L. Hudson-Covolo, DNP, R.N.

“I have always had a calling to help others.  That motivation is strong and has been the guiding force in the roles I have held as a nurse.  A nurse first, and leader second.” When it comes to creating the healthcare talent pipeline, Jeffery L. Hudson-Covolo not only has a vision, he’s making it happen. […]

Meet Adam Peck

“I would tell my younger self that, when in doubt, act in a manner to provide your future self with the most options. Don’t worry about planning out your life while young, just work to gain the experiences, cultivate the relationships, and master the skills that collectively will grant your future self a wide variety […]

Meet Nicola Wissler

“Since college, all of the jobs that I have had come because I was willing to take an opportunity and veer off of my set path.” Anyone who knows Nicola Wissler knows she’s been a long-time advocate of work-based learning, youth entrepreneurship and leadership, and supporting businesses to access a quality workforce. We interview Nicola […]

Meet Bobby Ram

“We did not build great technologies and great companies because we sat on ideas, we built them because we had the courage to act on our ideas!”   Inspiring. Enlivening. Inventive. Giving. These are the words that pop to mind when we think about Bobby Ram, the Managing Director of SunPower. Our region has benefitted tremendously […]

Meet Jennifer Solis

I have opportunities to share knowledge about the best ways to handle money to make your goals a reality. As an added bonus, I get to use my photography skills in the creation of FAST’s marketing materials. The best part? I’m paid to do what I love! Jennifer Solis is well known for helping young […]

Meet Tricia Stever Blattler

“My favorite part of my role as executive director is educating the public; agriculture is a unique and diverse industry that many people don’t really understand and I love being able to interact with business and community partners and help educate and inform them about the agriculture sector.” Tricia Stever Blatter cares A LOT about the future of agriculture which is […]

Meet Gilbert Bareng

“It only takes one moment to change someone’s life.” Anyone that knows Gilbert Bareng knows that he’s a possibility guy. Which is exactly way our region is fortunate to have the Vice President and Principal Architect of Mangini Associates, Inc. Gilbert is the Chair of the Innovate Tulare-Kings Leadership Council and was recognized by NAF (formerly known […]

Meet Kerry Hydash

“Our businesses are only as successful as our employees.” We think the world of Kerry Hydash, President and CEO of Family HealthCare Network (FHCN). She’s been very involved with ITK’s Leadership Council, has helped lead one of signature events – the Growing Health Leaders Conference every October – and is an Industry Contact and Mentor […]