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National Association of Workforce Boards – The Road to Sector Success

“An increasing number of workforce boards are using sectoral strategies to strengthen their outreach to the business community in their area and to build stronger links with regional economic development efforts. Success among workforce boards using this strategy points to lessons learned that can be used by other boards considering a sector approach. This guide […]

Characteristics of a High Performing Industry Partnership: The National Fund for Workforce Solutions

  “The National Fund defines an industry partnership as a dynamic collaboration of a regional group of employers— typically from a particular industry sector, but sometimes from multiple sectors or based around a set of occupations—who convene regularly with the assistance of a workforce intermediary. Employer members discuss their shared human-resources issues, exchange information about […]

Small Business Majority: Engaging Small Business Owners With Work-Based Learning Opportunities

“Small Business Majority held a series of roundtables with small business owners and educators, youth development agencies and workforce training organizations across California to determine what’s preventing small businesses from providing more robust workforce training to young people. We found that while small business owners are interested in work-based learning programs, they have strong concerns […]